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We can help you trace your Irish ancestors

O’Connor Irish Genealogy can help you find out more information on your Irish family history. If you are having difficulty in tracing an Irish ancestor we will be able to help as long as you have information to work with. More and more Irish records are being published online and we would recommend that you gather as much information as possible before contacting us. Please review our Irish Records section of the website for details of websites where you may be able to find further information on your ancestors.

Should you wish to explore researching your ancestors further please contact us by completing the Assessment Form. When completing the form please include as much information as possible on your ancestor or person of interest. We can also be emailed directly at oconnoririshgenealogy@gmail.com. We will provide an initial assessment, without obligation, based on the information that you have as to whether additional research has a reasonable prospect of finding further information. We can also be contacted by completing the Contact Us Form.

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